Mise En Place

„Mise En Place“ by Seraina Grupp and Yorky Mencía is a show about what often slips trough our attention and conversations: That what has been discarded and devalued, that what seems irrelevant or even toxic. By using knowledge and transformation as well as some magic we cook a perspective that might change your former opinion or simply surprise you unexpected. We invite you to be part of this landscape of other city stories and experience it‘s whispers, winds and scents. Give me your hand and I give you a taste. *This is an eating art experience*

Happenings on Sunday and Thursday evenings to come:
2nd of July 7-9pm
6th of July 7-9pm
9th of July 7-9pm
13th pf July 7-9pm
16th of July 7-9pm
Closing: 22nd of July 7-9pm
At gallery bien.contemporary

Vester Volgade 8, 1552 Copenhagen 

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